African Batik Fabric Print Collection

Elegant, style and ravishing looks will be everything you sign up for with this African print batik fabric. Created, designed and tie dyed via an intricate process, the African batik prints add another dimension to all your styles.

Batik creation techniques have long been employed in India (specifically in Java), as well as West Africa (Ghana). Batik art is a long, intricate creative process that can take anything between 2 days to a week (or sometimes more). Whilst the different ways of creating a batik fabric differ in India and West Africa, the overall process and end results are pretty similar. First, you start by creating the designs that you want: geometrical figures, shapes, intricate flowers, etc. The designs can be created either using metal wires, or solid sponge blocks. 

The African print batik fabric is ideal for:

  • African print maxi dresses
  • African print pant suits 
  • African print dress shirts for men 
  • Casual African print shirts for women.

Explore our Batik Fabric collection, and get yours as soon as you see it! Remember: they always sell out. 

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