About Us

I created Ngaska with one simple goal in mind: to inspire people to out there to feel elegant, everyday.

You see, so often we focus on getting things done, achieving "success" as society would describe it, or checking boxes on our daily to-do lists. But while we do that, we forget that on our way to getting things done, the journey itself is important. Your mindset when you approach a task, when you set a goal, and when you work for something- anything, whatever it is - will determine whether or not you will succeed, 90% of the time. And this mindset can be strengthened based on how you see yourself, in and out. 

With that in mind, if you feel good about yourself and look good, you automatically feel pumped to get out there, and get things done! And at Ngaska, we provide unique articles from the motherland, that you can use to enhance any outfit, no matter how basic it is.

And at the end of the day, the little things that you do everyday add up to create big victories.

The Focus on African-themed Products

While the main goal of Ngaska is to inspire people to chase their dreams with elegance and class, I chose to fulfill that mission by providing original and authentic african products. To me, the reasons are pretty simple: 

First, African products are beautiful.

Secondly, African products are versatile. Whether you are shopping our necklaces collections  or browsing through our vibrant and colorful prints, you will find unique pieces that you can use everyday, at any events, and in every way. They are so seamless and easy to adapt to any outfit. Elegance, really becomes a piece of cake. You can look good everyday and feel good about it. 

Thirdly, African products are one of a kind. At Ngaska, the products are specifically handpicked, and every item is unique in its own way. That being said, your outfit will always stand out no matter where you go. 

The Launching in the Caribbean Market

I have lived in Dominica (West Indies) for 10 years now, and Dominica has become my home. Every time I think about Dominica, a part of my heart genuinely lights up, and for the longest while, I have sought a way to give back. Finally, with Ngaska, I can. In Africa, each traditional print or fabric holds a story. And so, by bringing a piece of culture from so many African countries to Dominica, I feel like I am connecting my brothers and sisters to their first homes. 

My ultimate goal is to diversify the range of products we provide on the Ngaska platform, to influence more lives throughout the entire Caribbean, and eventually, the world.

Clementine Affana

Founder, Ngaska