Here is the One African Print Everyone Needs!

Ever felt like there is this one outfit - one dress, one shirt, or one pants - that you can wear anywhere? Or this one thing that once you put it on you look good, no matter where you go? And ever felt like you needed to have this  “wear anywhere” kind of clothes”?

African print batik print yellow dress for afro black woman

Photocredit: Ngaska

I know the feeling. Sometimes, you want to be dressed up, but not too dressy. Stylish, but not too stylish. Sometimes it might be hard to strike that perfect balance between looking good and looking too good, or just good enough. But whatever it is, we guarantee you this one thing: the batik print is THE  print that you need to achieve that balance. 

Batik shirt male made in Tanzania, brown batik shirt for men

Photocredit: Qwelikwele

But… What Batik and how is a Batik Print made?

Batik creation techniques have long been employed in India (specifically in Java), as well as West Africa (Ghana). Batik art is a long, intricate creative process that can take anything between 2 days to a week (or sometimes more). Whilst the different ways of creating a batik fabric differ in India and West Africa, the overall process and end results are pretty similar. First, you start by creating the designs that you want: geometrical figures, shapes, intricate flowers, etc. The designs can be created either using metal wires, or solid sponge blocks. 

Green african batik print for women dress

Photocredit: Ngaska

Then, the metal wires (or solid sponge blocks) are dipped into a pot of hot wax, and then placed onto the fabric. That way, the spots on the fabric where they are placed are marked with the designs on the metal wire (and sponge blocks). Then, the entire fabric is dipped into several rounds of multicolor dyes so that it can “take up” the color. After the fabric is dipped into dyes, it is then washed and bleached in multiple rounds. This might sound counter productive, but in fact, bleaching the batik fabric ensures that only the areas that are marked with the “wax” retain the color. This creates the different batik fabric patterns. 

Batik print stamping process africa

Photocredit: Osei Duro

You can read more about different techniques used to make the batik print here. You can also go behind the scenes of a batik fabric creation workshop in Accra, Ghana!

Because every batik fabric comes with different shapes, patterns and colors, the batik print is very versatile, attractive and also unique in its own way! Here are reasons why everyone needs at least one outfit in a batik print: either a batik shirt, or a batik dress.

Green batik fabric shirt for men
Photocredit: Qwelikwele

Vibrant colors like never seen before!

The multiple rounds of batik print stamping, dyeing and bleaching give us such a wide array of colors to play with. And even when the batik fabric artist has a color in mind, there is no sure way to know whether or not the exact colors are going to be the final result, which makes the process all the more exciting and interesting. But we know for sure that the batik fabric print comes with colors for every person, every fashion genre and every style.

Malay batik print tshirt for men

Photocredit: Ngaska

Ngaska Brown Batik Print for Men Batik T Shirt

Photocredit: Ngaska


One style fits all!

With the batik fabric, you can make any type of outfit. Trendy african print dresses, batik shirts, african print looks for work, church or special events, etc. The possibilities are endless. The batik fabric gives a kind of elegant, laid back and artsy look, which makes you feel “dressed” up different from anyone else. And this is where the whole game is played. 

Batik Yellow and Brown Set for Men

Photocredit: Afrikrea

Batik Blue Dress for Women

Photocredit: Etsy

Orange and purple batik dress for women

Photocredit: Ofuure

Easy to wear, easy to wash!

Apart from being easy to use in any kind of african print styles, the batik fabric is also easy to take care of, and easy to wash. It doesn't easily stain or lose color. It can undergo several rounds of hand wash or machine wash, without losing its quality. Because it is light, it also tends to dry quickly, which makes it perfect for all your african print dresses or summer looks. 

Purple african print batik print for women

Photocredit: Ngaska


The batik fabric works well as a uniform!

Whether you’re working with a choir, a company, a church group, a social group or any kind of group, you can make trendy uniforms using the batik print! Unlike the standard african wax print, batik prints actually have a common vibes, so much so that even if you’re in a group setting and everyone is wearing a different color, it still feels like a uniform because the “vibes” of the print are the same. This gives everyone an opportunity to look like a group, yet unique in its own way. 

batik print long dresses for women

Photocredit: Ngaska

Check out the Cousins Christmas 2020 Concert by Marie Pascale. Here, all the female singers are wearing the same dress style in different batik print colors, and they look like they are wearing a uniform! Spoiler alert: this was actually not intentional in the planning, but it ended up working!

You can wear them anywhere

The batik print is very dressy and elegant, and you can either dress it up or dress it down based on where you’re going, and based on the type of outfits you are making. This applies to all your batik dresses (for women) and batik shirts (for men).

Rastafarian man wearing colorful batik print fabric top and shorts for the summer

Photocredit: AshantiEmpress

Light and comfortable - perfect for days when you want to keep it simple 

Whew! Who knows how many times I just grabbed my Ngaska batik dress for last minute occasions, whenever I did not know what to wear! Choir practice, church meetings, shopping days or evenings in town - no matter the occasion or need, a batik print dress or batik shirt can save you!

Orange african print batik dress for women

Photocredit: Ngaska

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to get your batik print for your everyday looks that you can literally wear… everyday? We’ve got you covered!

Shop the Ngaska Batik collection today. 

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