Why Can't I have the EXACT same Print as what I see on Pinterest?


Thousands of different prints are printed everyday!

Every day, thousands of African prints are printed across factories. Designers chose the prints based on their own creativity and inspiration, based on the cultural, social trends, as well as based on what has worked well in the past. With that in mind, the creative opportunities for making nw african print clothing are endless, and continue to multiply as inspiration keeps flowing. When the african prints for clothing are designed and created, they are dispatched for sales in markets across Africa, as well as the rest of the world. 

Different countries receive different prints at different times. Because of that, different prints tend to be trendy in different regions of Africa, at different times. The inspiration for African print clothing designs starts on the continent and travels to Europe, America, Australia, Asia and the Caribbean. Patrons and designers create their designs, share and post them on social media platforms (including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) based on what is trending where they are. 

Now, the customer or African print clothing lover who stumbles upon those pictures (at different times) might want to have the exact same print and design as what they see being displayed. Unfortunately, this cannot be guaranteed, for different reasons. 

Prints rotate based on their availability in local merchant stores

When prints are dispatched for sales across different african markets (and markets around the world), they are sold until they are...sold out. This means that the same prints are not going to be available in the same markets in one country, and taking it a step further, in the same country. For instance, I could look for one specific print at the Sandanga Market in Senegal and not find it (because it is sold out), but I could find it at the HLM market in Senegal. In another example, I could look for a specific print in Senegal but not find it, whereas the print is available in several markets across Kenya (where the african print is known as Kitenge). 

Some Authentic prints are specifically made in specific African countries only

There are specific african prints that you can only find in specific countries, and nowhere else. That is because they are native, endogenous of those countries. The Toghu print for instance, which is an African print used for special occasions such as weddings, is only made in Cameroon (specifically, the northwest of Cameroon). This means, if you want to acquire the authentic version of this african print for clothing, you need to acquire it there. 

The Faso Dan Fani, which is the native print of Burkina Faso, can only be acquired there. Which means, you can see pictures of people wearing it online, but the authentic faso dan fani african print clothing can only be acquired there. Now, it is important to note that some online stores that are located outside of Africa and sell african print for clothing can acquire their prints from the motherland, or from other sources. At Ngaska for instance, we locally purchase and acquire our authentic african prints from african merchants working in large markets across Africa: Cameroon, Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Togo, Tchad, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinee, and so much more! That way, the quality of the prints that we provide are authentic, and true to their roots. We provide both native and non-native prints, giving you a wide range of options to select from based on your individual african print clothing need. You can see more of our African print selection here!

Pinterest images can last for years online

...even if the prints are no longer available. Let me give you an example.

 I bought an african print material at the HLM market in Senegal, and decided to make an African print dress today. Once my african print dress is ready to wear, I take a picture, share it on my Instagram, Facebook, and decide to share it on Pinterest too. Other people who are interested in african print clothing start to see my picture on Pinterest. They love the design, they also love the print, and they decide to save it! The more people see it, the more people save it, and the more the picture is shared on Pinterest, so that other people who also want African print clothing can see it too. This cycle continues for days, months, and even years. The picture becomes more popular. 

Next year, if someone else is looking for “african print dress ideas” on Pinterest, the picture that I shared last year is more likely to pop up, because so many people shared it and it has become popular. The new person, who is only seeing my picture today (even if it was posted a year ago), falls in love with it and wants the exact same print. However, there is no way for her to get the exact print unless she also purchases it at the same market where I got mine (or another market that sells the same exact print too). You get the point… right?

What customers love about what we do here at Ngaska is the fact that we actually recommend the best prints that can be used to achieve any desired styles of African print clothing that you see on Pinterest. That way, even if you do not have the exact print available, you can achieve the same style with a similar (and most times, more beautiful) print. We really look at everything. The african print’s color, design, texture, patterns and give you a full list of other Ngaska prints that you can use for the same design!

Pinterest prints are used for inspiration 

Most of the pictures posted on Pinterest are used for… style inspiration! Yes, you guessed it right! It’s a little bit like looking for ideas on how to decorate your home. You see what others are doing and what others have done, and you look for similar items that would give you the same results! On a few occasions, you can find the same items if they are advertised by a specific store (and that is, if it is still in stock)! But at the end of the day, the realm of african print clothing ideas available out there, serve one purpose: showing you that with a good quality african print, anything is possible. And this is what we believe at Ngaska!

We have been able to achieve african print clothing styles and designs that our customers brought to us, using our handpicked selection of authentic african prints from all over the continent. Whether you are looking for african print dresses, african print blouses for women, african print shirts for men, we can get it done.

Here is how Ngaska brings your Pinterest styles to life!

At Ngaska, we can achieve your pinterest african outfit ideas using the prints that we have, and sometimes, even more beautiful prints. 

Our team consults with you and we help you decide on what the best print is for each occasion + outfit design. We also advise on the best prints and designs for your body size, and your personal preferences. 

Our customers love the fact that our prints are so vibrant, sometimes they have a hard time picking one because they want to get them all. We have also achieved really amazing styles using pinterest generated images that our customers chose. 

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