Creative African Home Decor Ideas You Should Definitely Try!

I never really understood the importance of creating the mood you want for your own home, until I moved out of my family house. Everything was always well decorated: walls covered with family pictures, rooms embellished by pieces of art from my mom’s travels, and common areas (such as the living room), having as many pieces of african home decor as one can have! These are the things that made home feel like… home.

And when you transition into adulthood, you want to recreate every piece of home you can. Whether alone or with a significant other, decorating your home feels like an important milestone. In those moments, you create the moods you want in each piece of your home. 

So, if you’re at the stage of your life where you’re looking to renovate your home, here are some exciting, african-inspired ideas you can try out. New couple moving in together? Give your living room a different vibe with these tribal ideas. Planning a house-warming party gift for a friend? They will surely love one or two of these unique african-inspired, home decor pieces.

Let’s have a look at them together, shall we?


African Print Home Floor Cushions

african print home floor bogolan cushion

Home floor cushions make for a beautiful, stand alone piece of african home decor. They can also serve as additional seats when you have guests at home, especially kids. Super comfortable, they are flexible and add sass and class to your living quarters. The bogolan print featured here adds another layer of elegance that you won’t find anywhere else!

African Print Living Room Cushions

african print multiple indoor circle pillows

african print home bogolan living room sofa cushion

African Print Poufs

african print poof red yellow flowers

Growing up, we moved a lot. But one signature element we always used to have in each one of our homes, was a set of poufs! I am not sure when my parents fell in love with these, but I am glad they did. As a kid, I would jump on these unassuming pieces of african home decor (almost) every day. Generally made of authentic leather, poufs can also be made of or covered with African print for an added layer of color, style or elegance. Your guests (and their kids) will surely love sitting on these. 

African print poufs black and white geometrical shapes

African Print Bedroom Sets

Give life to your sanctuary. Your bedroom is definitely the most important part of your home. It is the room where your dreams are created, your mind is rejuvenated, and your body is reawakened. With these african print bedroom sets, you can create the perfect mood that you want in your room: conducive to relaxation, creativity and rest The options are truly endless. 

african room multicolor circle bedroom quilt teal

African print musician room decor

African Print Wall Art

Whether you are looking for the perfect conversation pieces (when guests are coming over), or the right ambiance to spend your stay-at-home days and nights, African print wall art is a great addition for your african home decor. You can pick the type of print you love, and get these pieces tailormade, just for you. You can easily hang them on the corridor walls, veranda, or even in your room. 

african print wall art decor triangle

African Print Table Sets

African print bogolan table set

Definitely one of my favourite ideas and inspiration when it comes to african home decor. My mom used to take out different types of table sets according to the types of guests we would have. And you can create these looks and experiences for you too! For everyday dining, or for special occasions such as Christmas, New Years, Weddings and or Easter!

African print red and yellow flower table set

African Print End Table Lamps

african print end table lamp pink and teal

Whether you’re an avid night reader or you simply love trendy fashion and nice ambiance, an end table lamp is a great addition to your African home decor. Minimalistic, yet effective. Moreover, you can go as bright (or dull) as you want, based on your personal taste.

african print pink and teal coffee table

Which one of these pieces of african home decor are you excited to try out at your home? Let us know! And when you’re ready, make sure you check out our Colors of Africa Collection to pick the perfect print for your African home decor!

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