Hot Boy Summer: 10+ African Print Looks to Rock this Summer!

Summer is finally here! (well, in the Caribbean, it’s always kind of… summer). But, now that we are officially getting into the swimsuit and water play season, it’s time to… dress the part!

At Ngaska, we always make it a duty to roll out just as many styles as we do for women, for men. And just as we have been sharing summer look ideas for women, it’s only fair to also share style ideas for men!

Whatever you’re planning to do this summer, we want in! But first… here are some African men clothing ideas that can inspire your next summer event outfit!


Going to the beach? Here are some African Print Short Pants you’ll Love!

Gone are the days when beach days were made of “anything you can wear”. With Ngaska, you can actually plan your beach outfit, using our African print fabric which is perfect for all your African print short pants for men. Here are some designs that can inspire you! We can achieve all these designs using our handpicked, selected prints from Senegal, Cameroon, Ghana, Togo and Nigeria.


Photocredit: DIYANU


Photocredit: Afrikrea


Photocredit: DIYANU


Off to a Summer Boat Cruise? Check out our African print Shirt and Pants Ideas!

Summer boat cruises are a staple for every summer in the Caribbean! Whether you are attending a boat cruise solo or with a group of friends, make sure you come dressed the part, and slay in style! Our african print shirts for men will inspire you for your next look. Take a pick! And remember: once you pick the design, we can achieve it using our own handpicked prints, from the motherland.

Photocredits: Vondee World


Photocredit: Tufafi


Photocredit: Etsy

Heading out for Brunch? These African Print Silk and Satin Looks are Going to Blow your Mind!

If you don’t brunch, did you even do summer right? Brunching should be on your list of activities this summer, if of course this is your kind of thing. And there is no better way to brunch right than… to dress right! (let us take care of the outfit with our african print shirt ideas for men. They will take care of the rest). For this summer especially, we are launching our silk and satin collection for men. Made with a wide variety of enticing african print patterns and designs, the silk and satin collection is perfect for a light day out. It feels good. And it looks good. You’ll thank us later. 


Photocredit: Boohoo Man


Photocredit: Menily Shop


Photocredit: Asos


Planning an Intimate Date Night? Check out these “Cool and Posh” Looks!

We’ve had enough date nights confined at home, how about we get out more this summer? The Ngaska African men clothing line features beautiful prints that will make you stand out and catch the attention of YOUR one. The only question you need to ask is: which print should I choose? Here are some ideas to inspire your next date night outfit. Remember, once you choose your design, we can achieve any style using our handpicked selection of unique African prints!


Photocredit: DIYANU


Photocredit: DIYANU


Photocredit: DIYANU


Photocredit: DIYANU


Photocredit: Bella Naija

What’s next? 

Now that you feel more inspired for your next summer looks, contact us to get your custom-made outfit done. 

And because you will want more ideas for your next look, we are making it super easy for you: follow us on Pinterest for more design ideas!

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