How to Pick the Perfect African Print Clothing for your Dresses

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How to Pick the Perfect African Print Clothing for Your African Dresses

Yesl The perfect African print for your ideal african dress exists! You just got to know how to find it:)

African wax print fabric - blue and yellow feathers

Picking the right african print clothing for the african dress you want to make is essential, if you want to get that “dreamy” design you saw on Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere else you look for inspiration when it comes to your african style clothing.

CA134 -African wax print fabric fall flowers-

A lot of people don’t realize this, but seeing a design or print or someone does not necessarily mean that it would look the same on you: the truth it, there is a type of pattern, african print and african design for each type of outfit you want to achieve! In this article, we are going to share with you our quick strategy to guide you on how you can pick the ideal africant print fabric for your african dress design. 

Color of your African print Clothing

Depending on the type of african dress you want to make, you might want to opt for bold, semi-bold or dark colors. Women tend to prefer bright (orange, red, green and yellow) african print designs for summer and flashy looks, and more “toned-down” colors for business looks. So, what kind of look are you going for? This will heavily influence the range of colors of your african print for your african dress.

Design of your African Fabric

Long, flowing and maxi-african print dresses tend to look even nicer with large african print patterns such as large flowers, geometric shapes, or abstract designs! So if you’re looking for a long summer dress, then these types of african prints would work better! Looking for something more reserved? In that case, opt for smaller designs: these are perfect for business casual looks or shorter dresses such as summer african style dresses.

Consider Geometrical Shapes, too!

Geometrical shapes can give an up-notch, edgy look to your african style dresses! These kinds of african print patterns are more daring and might require more careful analysis before you dive in, but once you select an amazing design and an excellent seamstress, you’re guaranteed to have an outfit that you would love! 

And this, you can achieve it with our ``tailor-made outfits” service! How does it work? Simple! We help you pick a print, pick a design, we take your measurements (or guide you on how you can take them - if you live overseas), and we deliver your outfit within 5 days!

-African wax print fabric - hot red batik


This is the easiest and most effective way to get your african dresses, made perfectly to fit you!

CA148 -African wax print fabric - orangy red batik

Contact us to find out more about our tailor-made service, and get your African print dress made today!

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