Mother's Day Mayhem Sale is Here!


Growing up, my mother always used to be the one to buy me clothes. First communion, confirmation, baptisms or birthday parties - my wardrobe was always set. And let's not talk about holidays like Christmas and New Year's!

This feeling of 'always being taken care of' no matter the event or circumstances, is something that I grew up with, and will forever be grateful for. 

With that in mind, mothers should be celebrated - not just on Mother's day, but everyday. Since we are putting a special emphasis on this Mother's Day, the Mother's Day MayHem is our way to give back to mothers. Not just you, as our Ngaska Fam, but also, all the mothers in your life, and the women who played the role of a mother in your life.


What is the Mother's Day Mayhem?

20 days of daily deals on The Ngaska Store, specifically for mothers! If you're a mother, treat yourself to our amazing african-inspired items to spice up all your church or private events looks!

And if you want to treat your mother, an aunt, a grandmother, or any other mother figure in your life, then treat them with our unique selection of gifts that you know she would love! They come straight from the motherland >>> to your home. It really does not get better. 

Which items will be on sale?

Everyday, there will be a new collection, and therefore, a new deal! Deals on collections like...

Melanin Collectionmelanin dresses, tee-shirts and merchandise, created by Marie Pascale Music - to inspire every woman to love herself in her fullness! Curves and all!

African Prints
all your favorite prints for your african print dresses, skirts, tops and summer looks will be on sale!

African Jewelry (necklaces and earrings)
all our handmade beaded and fabric necklaces and jewelry are going to be... all yours. 


African Fans: our African print fans are made of real african fabric and real leather, making them durable and stylish! They can be used for personal needs or as home art decor!


African print Satin Bonnetsour African satin bonnets are perfect for your easy home stylish looks, but also outdoor activities! They keep your hair moist, hydrated and protected, night and day! (currently out of stock, but next week - they will all be back!)


Small and Large Clutches: for those days when you want to stay in style, but don't want to buy a whole new outfit - use our african clutch sets! Come in small and large size, pick your ideal clutch based on what is always... in your bag!


How is this going to happen?

  • Deals will be posted on Instagram, on Facebook and on Whatsapp!
  • Use the discount deals on our website:
  • Add the items on sale to your shopping cart
  • Apply the discount code at checkout
  • Pay online (if you live outside of Dominica) 
  • Pay via Mobanking (or on delivery) if you live in Dominica!

PS: coupons are only going to be redeemable for 24 hours each, so make sure you grab the deal of each day!

How to get started?

Follow us on your social media platform of choice! (Facebook or Instagram)

Coupon deals will be released on social media every day starting on Monday, April 19th!

Use each coupon to redeem your discounts everyday! (new deals everyday).

Got questions?

Email us at:


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